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Are you hoping to become parents soon? All couples who have decided to try to conceive need is some folic acid, a healthy lifestyle, and an ovulation calendar. Right?

If you or your partner have sexual dysfunction, it all becomes a whole lot more complicated! What are your options? 

What exactly is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction, as the name suggests, is any kind of sexual difficulty a couple or individual goes through, at some point. These difficulties can include a lack of libido, not getting aroused, and not being able to achieve an orgasm. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are male-specific problems, the first of which can seriously impact a couple's chances of becoming parents.

Sexual dysfunction can be disruptive at the best of times. It can make you anxious, bad about yourself, depressed, and it can even get your relationship into big trouble. Some types of sexual problems do not impact your ability to conceive, but others quite clearly do. How do you get pregnant when you do not feel like having sex, or your partner does not want to have sex with you? How about erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction actually covers a range of different conditions, all of which involve problems with achieving an erection. In some men, the cause is temporary and non-physical in nature. In others, permanent causes like Peyronie s disease are the reasons for the impotence. Men who suffer from erectile problems can correct these with medical treatment in most cases.

Sometimes, eliminating bad lifestyle choices like smoking is enough. For other men, medication, surgery, or pumps may be the answer. If you or your partner do suffer from erectile dysfunction and you would like to try to conceive a baby, then talking to your doctor about the difficulties you have encountered is the best first step.

Most men feel dreadfully ashamed of this, but there is no need for that at all. Just imagine that your problem could be solved, and you could achieve your dream of having a baby!

Sexual desire problems

A lack of desire for sex can have a lot of causes. I don't personally think this is a problem, unless the individual who doesn't have a libido wants to change that, or their partner is really unhappy. Hormones can be responsible for a lack of sexual desire, but depression or a history of trauma are other perhaps more tricky causes.

You may be able to get over this, and still conceive without enjoying sex much. If the thought of sex repulses you, you again have many options. In the case of women who do not feel able to have sex, DIY insemination with their partner's sperm may be the answer.

Talking to a doctor, therapist or both to find out what the rout cause of the issue is is a great idea for women and men who do not know why do not have sexual desire.


A lot of men in particular feel extremely stressed about getting their partner pregnant. When the ladies are getting their ovulation tests out, men often worry that they are not fertile, or that the responsibility of having a child is just too much. These thoughts are quite enough to lead to sexual dysfunction all by themselves!

Studies show that stress reduces a man's level of testosterone, which can lead to erectile dysfunction in turn. Men who are trying to have a baby with their partner are much more likely to have an affair as well. You may consider saying no to ovulation tests and just taking it easy; encouraging sex throughout the month will get you pregnant just fine in most cases!

Women, too, may be anxious about baby-making sex. If your sexual desire has gone out of the window because you are under stress, discussing whatever it is that you are worried about with your other half probably has a therapeutic effect.

There is no time like now when you want to make a baby together to discuss the good and the bad things about your lives openly and honestly, and to look for solutions together!

Would you like to share your experience about sexual dysfunction and the role in plays in trying to conceive? Please leave a comment below!