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Penile implants are placed, most commonly, to help people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. These implants are considered when other methods of treatment have failed or not provided adequate satisfaction to the patient.

There are two main kinds of penile implants:

  • A semi rigid one in which the penis is always semi erect
  • An inflatable prosthesis which can be activated whenever chosen and is more natural to conceal.

The surgery to insert the penile prosthesis typically takes around an hour and is performed as an outpatient procedure.

How Do Penile Implants Work?

Depending upon the kind of penile prosthesis being inserted, the entire implant may have two or three parts. The prosthesis contains a reservoir and a pump placed surgically inside the body. To attain an erection, the man presses down upon the pump which transfers saline from a tube into the reservoir, causing it to inflate and create an erection.

The surgery itself is invasive but does not leave behind a noticeable scar. Most of the time, only the person that has undergone the procedure will be able to locate the scar left after the healing has taken place.

Sex After Penile Implants

Sex after having a penile implant is similar to sex without. There should be no noticeable change in the sensation you experience, nor any effect on ejaculation. Most men that had some of the older penile implants inserted reported that their erections felt shorter in length but the newer penile prostheses allow an increase in length, girth or stiffness of the penis.

Removal Of Penile Implants

Usually, these implants have a very high success rate but in some cases men may not be satisfied and want to get their penile prosthesis removed.

This will require another surgery to remove the prosthesis which can be a little difficult for the patient. Depending upon the time that the patient has been using the prosthesis, he may not be able to achieve a natural erection at all once the implant has been removed.

Also, this is a surgical operation with some inherent risks like an increased amount of bleeding due to injury, the formation of scar tissue (increased every time the surgery is repeated), mechanical failure of the implant leading to removal or infection around the implant needing it to be removed.

Success Of Penile Implants

The success of penile implants is pretty high and they may last for 10-15 years in most cases. The process of removal or replacement of implant, if it has to be done, is not very difficult and can be done quite easily.

The placement of penile implants has become much more common than before however, doctors will usually avoid placing these implants in patients for purely cosmetic purposes or in cases where erectile dysfunction is caused due to emotional/stress related reasons.

Every attempt should always be made to treat erectile dysfunction with nonsurgical methods before a penile implant is inserted. Patients who are able to engage in sexual intercourse with pharmacological means are much better off in the long run because of the somewhat irreversible nature of these implants.

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