One in every 100 child suffers from a form of autism, a disorder of brain function that appears early in life and results in learning difficulties, speech problems and difficulty relating to people.

In a new study most of the children’s parents are found to be scientists, engineers, physicists and mathematicians, that is people with an ability to systemize and find the laws that determines how a system works. Such people have little interest in the social life, and are obsessed with details. They too develop symptoms that characterize autism. Scientists are attracted to each other and often pass their genes to their children, most of them being boys.

A survey that has been conducted showed that fathers and grandfathers of children with automatism were “ systemizers” but also that students from natural sciences have a higher number of relatives with autism and mathematicians a higher rate of autistic spectrum conditions.
The symptoms of autism don’t develop nor manifest until the age of two or three, which makes it difficult to understand and diagnose. This new research has been welcomed because it could reveal some new facts about the causes of the disorder.