Researchers have suggested that it is parents who could prevent the children’s binge drinking habits by letting them try alcohol at home and allow them drink at parties.

This way they could show them how to drink responsibly. It has been found that children who had the privilege of being offered a drink at home were more sensible with drinking outdoors and engage in binge drinking.

A poll that was conducted by The Centre for Public Health at Liverpool John Moores University showed that nine out of the ten youngsters who drank took more than five drinks. This is definitely enough to get way drunk no matter what drink one takes.

The researchers believe that alcohol should be introduced to children by the age of 15 because this is the time when all the youngsters have their first drink and some of them are drinking regularly at parties. Drinking sensibly needs to be learned, it is not something people are born with. And who could be better role models than parents themselves? If they learn from home to drink reasonably, they are less likely to binge drink.