Researchers discovered during new study that acupuncture can help in treating fatigue that’s related to chemotherapy. Researchers investigated about 50 patients who suffer from moderate to severe fatigue and divided them into three groups. First group was acupuncture group, second was acupressure and the third was sham acupressure group.

Patients in acupuncture group were given 20 minutes sessions during three weeks and needles were inserted into their skin at three points that were thought to be the ones who can help in enhancing energy levels and ease fatigue. Patients from acupressure group massaged the same three points as the one in acupuncture group for one minute during two weeks while the sham acupressure group patients massaged different points on their body that were not related to energy and fatigue points.

Results of the study showed that patients from the acupuncture group had 35% improvement in fatigue levels , acupressure group improved fatigue levels by 20% and sham acupressure group patients had less than 1% improvement in fatigue levels. It’s clear that people felt much better after acupuncture. They had more energy and improved their quality of life significantly.

Some of the previous studies discovered that acupuncture has great influence on increasing fertility after IVF , to treat nausea after anesthesia, to ease pain after dental surgery and to help patients feel better during cancer chemotherapy.