Small study found that people who drink energy drinks have greater risk of increased blood pressure and heart rate than people who don’t. Researchers found that just two cans of energy drink may increase blood pressure in just four hours.

Although increased blood pressure didn’t reach alarming levels in healthy people who participated in the study they might induce serious conditions in people who suffer from heart disease or take medications for their high blood pressure. This people should definitely avoid energy drinks, researchers agree.

Study included young man and women who drank two cans of energy drink for 7 days and they didn’t took any other form of caffeine during the research. Each can contained 80 mg of caffeine. On the first day, after 4 hours of consuming the energy drink, systolic blood pressure raised for about 9 points while on the last day of the study it raised up by 10 points. Diastolic blood pressure raised up 5 points. Heart rate was also increased. Participants were sitting or lying down when changes appeared.

Most of the energy drinks contain caffeine, some of them about 80 mg per can while some up to 200 mg per can and caffeine was proved to be a cause of increased blood pressure and heart rate.