Migraine attacks can be so severe and leave the sufferers with crippling headaches, dizziness and upset stomachs. Women seem to be more prone to them than men. The statistics show that around 12 % of the UK population suffers from migraines.

A study was conducted to see if an ancient Chinese method could relieve migraine pain to some extent. Nine hundred migraine patients were included in the study. All of them had more than six migraines a month, between the three treatments.

Researchers used real and fake acupuncture and compared the results.
One group had needles inserted at the right body points according to the ancient Chinese practise. Other group received needles into false points i.e. points not used in the Chinese acupuncture and the third group was treated with anti-epilepsy drugs or drugs aimed at lowering blood pressure.

Six weeks after the treatment, the results were compared and 47% of the first group and 39% from the second group both reported decreased number in migraine attacks.