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New study claims that acupuncture can increase the chances of pregnancy in women who are undergoing fertility treatment by more than 60%. Although the mechanism of acupuncture on fertility isn’t yet clear researchers suggest that it might be helpful because of relaxation. IVF is very stressful so this might be the reason for success of acupuncture.

Study included about one thousand women who were trying to get pregnant. One group was consisted of women who were having acupuncture when the embryo was transferred to the womb during IVF and the other group of woman who received fake acupuncture treatment or didn’t receive any therapy at all.

Results showed that those women who received acupuncture had 65% increased chance of becoming pregnant when compared to the women in the other group. Researchers said that acupuncture may be beneficial as additional therapy in IVF.

Some previous studies suggested that acupuncture didn’t increase fertility in women but that might be because those women choose acupuncture only because their chances of conceiving were already poor.


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