In recent research scientists came to interesting finding that brain function in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can be improved with drug called Enbrel which is used in arthritis treatment. It seems that patients felt improvement couple of minutes after they received Enbrel injection in spine. It was reported that before the treatment patients were agitated and ten minutes after injection patients were more calm and less frustrated. Researchers also noticed significant improvement in their memory functioning two hours after the treatment.

Previous study also reported that patients who received etanercept injection once a week in a period of six months felt significant improvement in mental function. This study led to this new research which just concluded the same results as previous study. Cognition was improved in Alzheimer’s patients few minutes after the treatment. Just like earlier research in this new one etanercept injection improved cognition rapidly.

Scientists claim that protein which is involved in inflammation is also involved in development of Alzheimer’s disease and this drug etanercept has ability to block this protein. Further studies will try to find effects of blockers of this protein on symptoms of dementia.