Researchers found interesting fact that chemotherapy and tamoxifen if taken separately may reduce risk of reoccurring breast cancer for 10 to 15 years in patients previously diagnosed with this disease. Those patients have greater risk of developing breast cancer in other breast than people who never suffered from this disease. Previous studies already discovered that taking tamoxifen in period of five years significantly reduces risk of cancer in the opposite breast. This new study tried to find link between tamoxifen and chemotherapy. During the research it was discovered that chemotherapy reduced risk of developing cancer in the opposite breast by 40% when compared with no chemotherapy. After the first diagnose of breast cancer risk reduction continued for about 10 years and was stronger in women who entered menopause during the years when cancer was diagnosed.

However, women who took Tamoxifen experienced 35% reduction of second breast cancer when compared with no use of tamoxifen and this reduction lasted 5 years after the cancer diagnose was made.

Conclusion of this study is that ovarian suppression that’s caused by chemotherapy in combination with cytotoxic effect on breast tumor cells plays a great role in reducing risk of breast cancer recurrence.