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Scientists have found that people with stressful jobs should exercise in the morning for better effectiveness because mental fatigue affects physical performance.

The studies showed that mentally tired people reach physical exhaustion sooner than those that have a rested mind.

Physiologists at Bangor University discovered that even though being exhausted after work did not actually affect your muscles, it did make it harder for people to exercise vigorously.

Stress and exhaustion makes people "perceive" that exercise is more strenuous and could lead to treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.
People who suffer from chronic fatigue report that they lack energy and experience 'brain fog', just like the mentally fatigued participants did in this study. They also perceive exercise to be more difficult despite physiological responses considered normal during exercise.

The researchers suggests that athletes and stressed workers should train when their minds are fresh although any exercise is beneficial.

If they can’t do it before work, stressed workers should continue to exercise after work, even if mentally fatigued.

Moderate intensity still gives plenty of physiological and psychological benefit, including relief from stress and improved mental performance.

The scientists came to their conclusions after 16 volunteers were asked to exercise on a bike, half the time when their mind was fresh and half the time after 90 minutes of mentally fatiguing work. The participants stopped exercising on average 15 % earlier when they were mentally fatigued.


Thanks for the information which I think will benefit a lot of people. I do hit the gym early in the morning before going to work on most days.


I do everything in the afternoon after work as I can't make myself get up this early.

If you have children, it is highly unlikely that you will have time to get up to go running and get the kids ready for school or kindergarten.