Researchers found that antibiotic called klacid can together with regular asthma treatment improve condition of the patients diagnosed with this disease. Medications for asthma are based on treating eosinophil which is thought to be main cause for inflammation of the airways. But recent research found that most of the people who suffer from asthma have normal levels of eosinophils.

During previous studies researchers found increased levels of inflammatory cell called neutrophil in some patient who suffer from asthma and treatments are necessary for other types of inflammation in these patients. In the research 45 people who suffer from asthma were examined. They all took high doses of inhaled corticosteroids every day and additionally they received klacid or placebo medication in a period of 8 weeks. Klacid is a medication that’s used for some bacterial infections of respiratory tract and some skin infections. It kills or stops the growth of bacteria that are causing infections.

Results of the study showed that patients who took klacid for 8 weeks reduced inflammation of the airways and improve their condition in general. Biggest response to this treatment was noticed in patients who had non-eosinophilic asthma. Treatment with klacid reduced the number of neutrophils in the airway.

This study is of great importance because almost 10% of all asthma cases are considered to be difficult.