Recent research found that walking, stretching and other simple exercise can help with controlling fibromyalgia symptoms. Women who exercised for about 4 months felt significant improvement of their fibromyalgia symptoms together with mental health, fatigue, depression and social functions.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects about 4% of women and it causes chronic pain together with tenderness of muscles. There is no cure yet for this complex condition but some new treatment options for easing symptoms of fibromyalgia were presented in a new study.

In this study, women were divided into 4 groups in a period of 16 weeks. First group used aerobic exercise and flexibility, second group aerobic exercise and stretching, third group didn’t exercise but took a self - help course about controlling fibromyalgia symptoms and the last group did all kind of exercise as the previous groups and took the education course as well.

Results at the end of the research showed that the best improvements were with the groups who used to exercise. The best group was the last one who took all kind of exercise and educational course. Researchers agree that exercise can improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia and should be advised to patients who suffer from this condition.