do i need to ask a mircle to find a doctor who truly understands the nature of my problem which started with postorgasmic illness with symptoms affecting mood,concertration,inability to memorise and divulge in intellectual activities,such as reading a book completing your homework engaging in social activities with the other sex.N0n completion of highschool this was 1980,s. I 42 and carry with me a life of struggle and misunderstanding.Could this problem avoided if i was diangnosed at 15 years old of add.Attention inatentive disorder without hyperactivity.Will the medical field take responsabillity for maldiangnosage and create treatment to properly care to restablish their lives to normality and dignity by providing first class medical intervention.May i add that as of today doctors do not understand the needs of adults affected by years of mental and emotional instability,and do not conform to patients individual needs.The medical workers need to be informed that the FDA standards are not the guidlines for people with difficult health problems and victims of the medical gouverning system. :