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Hi to everyone, I am a 21 year old male human being. before i start i do wana appologiz for my bad spelling and poor english. Now I like to start my topic.

 untill like last year i used to beliave in everything that i used hear, listen, belaive, see..

please stay with me, this is not another BS stories or stupid posts with retarted comments that turns into a pointless argument on the internet!

who ever you are and what ever you do, if ur rich or poor, powerful or weak, this is for you, this is for everyone! this is for me and you! no matter who you are or what u do. this is for humanity.


...okay first of i would like to get your attentions by asking some simple questions, yet un answerable...

1- what are dreams mean? how does dreams work? what are this dreams or nightmares or what ever you call it. what is it and how it works?

2-where did we all come from? I wana know what happend in year 1 or 2 , i wana know when did human started to set up time, rules and laws.

3-i wana know how did we really started to comunicat with ourselfs, how did we started to write and speak? if we are all human than why do we all have differen language and speak difrenrtly?

4-why is it that everything is just entertainment!? like look arounnd the world and this thing we call it LIFE! its screwed up! this isnt life! all we do is eat,sh*t,sleep,and have fun! no matter what you do in life you gna end up with these things! we all eat, we all sh*t, we all sleep, and we all have fun!

5- and ofcourse the last question , what is the meaning of life? what is the purpos of life? its has to be more than just eating,shiting,sleepong,havning fun and doing it again and gain...!!!!???

I will explain it all now, and i know a lot of you people will say that hey there is more to life than just eat,sh*t,sleep,fun. but is it really?

now here is where i am stuck! and i think others are stuck here too!

again this is for people who know sh*t! people who can understand people who are not foolish and can think for themslevs.


This is what i know so far.. we are all human and we are all equal and we all have equal rights, there is no god and there was never any god, all these religions have been copyed of eachother and made up by people, which is man mad just like everything els in this world, religion, god,bible or quran, devil, the language it slef, laws, king, govrenment, politics, and much much more lies and bullshits.

I also know that ever since back in time when humanity started, they too had they same questions so what did they do...? hmmm lets see there is reliogon, god, stories, lies and bullshits!

heres what it is, we human have ego, we see ourselves in this amazing world with limitles plesure and limitles wealth and happiness and what do we do, we wanted it all for ourlseves, rather than sharing it with everyine and live a healthy waelthy happy life together with peace and love...

you see people are very naeve and incocent and well they dont know! and most are fools. so when you tell them something, they belaive it, because its in our nature. its human psycolgy when we all do one thing or say one thing we all say it and do it and belive it and go on with it, without asking ourselve if its really true? or what is it or whats going on?

everything we have heard or seen or knowen since the begaing of humanity was all lies!

we are all playing this game that was created long time ago by human for human. the game is simple and its easy to learn but hard to play it.

this game was easier back than, but as time passed, the game became harder and changed some of the rules and it became really hard for a lot of people, and once you lose, games over and its f*****g over! unlike VIDEO games!

the game has changed like i said and its going to chang more and more for better or worse, mostly worse!

now days we have no choice but to play the game, and if wen dont play the game, we cant live or survive! its a manditory game of life that we have to play!

this game has turned in a lifesyle, the game is the life! again the game was man made, and now that game is our lives... which means our lives are man made...!? hmmm...

this game has, well most importent thing money, sex, drug,crim,cruptions,death, war, slavory,racisem,betrayl, sin, lies,hate, ego, lust, poverty, power,and fear.

now i dont want argument over religions and god and all because i am not hear to fight or prov a point or anything i am simply here to know, and to let people know and just make people aware and relize so we can do something about this damn world that we live in and this damn game that we are playing! so if you got things to say and argu about god and all, plz go play ur game somewhere els!


so, so far i know about the game, i know about life and whats really going on in this world. 

i just want to know about dreams, i wana know where we really come from, and how did we started to comunicate and think, i wana know about other life fourms like aliens and all, it cant be that we are the only living creatures.

now again i dont want u fools to write religions or god or politics or news or myths or legends of stupid things in here and try to prov ur shity stupid lame ass point which makes no sence because u dont know it either urself ur just saying what u beend told or heard!

my knowldge and questions and thinking comes from me, from what i have seen  from what i have experinced from what i know! for a fact!

so no matter what u say and what u prove u cant convince me! because i have heard it all and seen it all and well pretty much know it all.

so what i am looking for is, people who are at my level of life and can relate and know what i am talking about and perhaps we can figour out the answer hopfuly...

because this life makes no sence, and i am searching for the real purpos of life!

i kinda forgot to mention about LOVE! but dont worry its the oposit of the game that we are playing!

OH what does weed have to do with this topic!? well ive been smoking for a year ish and i say weed made me relize all this and become i dont know SMART! lol

lets say weed changed my life! ta dah!

plz post good comments and plz take the time to think about this and read it properly and seek for info in life ask wise people, be good, become better as time goes, spread the love to everyone and show kindness to the world. love is louder and powerful than this game! together with peace &love we can explore the whole damn univours!

but we have to fix this world first, we have to fix ourselves first, we have to stop this game, we have to relize what we are doing to ourselves and to the world, the earth, and the univours itself, i know i know i may be overthinking or over reacting or what ever, but what els could it be!? i mean it cants just be, "your born,give you a name(manmadelaw) you grow up and have to go to school(manmadelaw) you have to choose what you wana do in life?(manmadelaw) if you cant choose yours lost and your considerd a loser with no life, because you cant figour out what you wana be, because everything is MANMADE, so how can you survive? you cant fight them! so you have to go by the rule and laws of MAN! so you finished school now what? get a job, get a career(mandamelaws) okay u got a job, than what? buy car get a house make money become rich! chase money tilll ur alive, and once ur dead pass the warlth and whatever to next generation and keep doing the same, because the new gerneration will be folowing the previous generations foot steps! it goes on and on...

if i am not making any sence than u wont be here reading this, this far lol

so lets say u have all the money and ur rich and u got power and ur have everything in this world! than what? what now? are you happy? are you satisfyed? hmm you want more eh? well how about u get to have the world? ofcourse why not! how about you kill people that stand in your way! how about you do what ever u want with this world! okay why not! there!

you see my theory is. ever since humanity (which i really wana know the truth of how we got here) men questions the world, the stars all this creations. so im guessing someone had to stand up and say somthing, remember that we human have brain and can think and we are able of doing things like say lies and commit crim or kill or feel or hate or love or cry or all this things, right.

so could it be that since the time of humanity, men started to say some bullshits about the world to control, or keep them calm or just to shut them up and give them ressions to live and keep them busy.

could it be that it started like that and wend out of hand and now everything is screwed!

if you feel what i feel and if u have questions in ur head or even in ur heart about life and if u relate to this, than leav ur comments and lets help eachother to figour everything out.









Right...well, I DID attempt to read your post, but your horrific spelling, english language, vague explanations and jumping from one subject to another left me highly confused. Thus, I saved it in Word format and with a little help from technology, I think I got the gist of what you were saying.

Firstly; a comment. Cut back on the weed- it's making you think and type a lot of bollocks. And this is from a 'stoner' of many, many years!

Weed hasn't changed your life; what it's done is encouraged neurorecepters in your brain to reuptake serotonin and inhibit dopamine (chemical neurotransmitters). This action takes place mostly in the frontal lobes, i.e; enchancing good feelings, logical thought and problem solving.

However, there's a downside. Consistant and regular use of cannabis sometimes ensures that the 'feel good' serotonin can only be activated when cannabis is used (in other words, we become addicted), until other strategies are used to enhance serotonin (i.e; anti-depressants or for the healthy and determined- exercise and good habits!).

If you want to really understand the human mind and behaviour- do some intellectual reading, take a psychology, philosophy or neuropsychology course- or simply read a book. Doesn't matter if (as you say) "my knowldge and questions and thinking comes from me, from what i have seen from what i have experinced from what i know! for a fact!"-

If you're going to propose a theory or argument, at least make it legible.

" so no matter what u say and what u prove u cant convince me! because i have heard it all and seen it all and well pretty much know it all."

Seriously? Unless you're a CCTV camera with access to every bedroom/hut/tree/gutter or car in the world; have eyes in every corner of the universe and can read minds- all at the same time- you absolutely do NOT know it all. To say that- to even think that- demonstrates that you are young. You pose a very black and white view of human nature and that actually stinks of inexperience and niavity. You have painted the picture of a global society that is obsessed by its shallow and meaningless nature. And you have failed to respect that we are all different and have different views of life. Are you judging everyone else by your own opinions? Because it certainly reads that way.

Your questions:

"i just want to know about dreams, i wana know where we really come from, and how did we started to comunicate and think, i wana know about other life fourms like aliens and all, it cant be that we are the only living creatures"

Just to remind you- you posted on a medical forum- perhaps you should have tried a philisophical or psychology one?

Dreams? Dreams are product of brainwaves going through patterns of Alpha, Beta and Delta waves sparked off by body chemicals working on circadium rhythm. Nearly everything in life can be measured in stages or phases- sleep and bodily functions are no different. Sleep is activated when a balance of certain chemicals in the body is reached and when in a level of a subconsious state, our brain plays back abstract chunks (dreams) of audio and visual memories and information. We also have a form of memory named 'reconstructive memory' which plays a huge part in dreaming. In other words, a memory can be reconstructed and not necessaily happen as the actual event happened. For example, in a dream you may be standing in a childhood home, but with the roof taken off or an extra basement. While a variety of brain sections are activated during dreaming, the amygdala- the brain's emotion centre- is highly active, suggesting that dreams can be linked to our emotions. For example, if you're worried or anxious about something, dreams can take on a disturbing edge.

Dreams contain a lot of symbolism- but then, humans as a whole are largely symbolic. Language and writing are the prime examples of how humans think and communicate symbolically.

Communication between humans is instrinsic and innate- it's a part of us and always has been because we're socially dependent animals. We started to think and communicate well before our frontal lobes developed- possibly just after our webbed toed ancestors decided to spend the night on dry land! And sorry to disappoint you, but your question will not be answered- by ANYONE! I don't even think the best scientists in the world have a time and date for the development of 'Free Will'.

Communication between humans is an interesting subject- I advise you to actually read about it. There are some brilliant evolutionary articles out there about the development of art within Neandertal and Homo-sapian groups as a way of communication. Verbal language evolved differently in different parts of the world, but one thing is agreed throughout most genres of psychology that body language has some similarities in all parts of the world (aggression and joy have been shown to be two emotions that have very similar facial expressions from indigineous tribes in south america & africa to 21st century american and english folk).

Time/era also has an effect of how we communicate; for example, you wouldn't have had the chance to post your bollocks online in the 1970's and would probably have resorted to a diary- or perhaps, resorted to monging out on your dope, instead of taking to the super 'high' waves!

At present, there isn't any publicised evidence  to suggest that there are other life forms in our universe- but that's not to say there isn't. We just don't if there is or not. But then again, that's up to whatever the individual believes.

Personally, I don't do 'God', but I also don't always believe that modern day science has the abilities to tell us everything, so I stand with my feet firmly on the fence.

However, I also don't critisize those who choose to believe or have faith in a God- why should I? What gives me- or you- the right?

The meaning of life is in its diversity; not in the answers to its diversity.

EVERYTHING that you have been told; have heard, read, the words you have thought- do you think they are new? Humans are socially constructed- everything we think has been put there by someone else. Our words are our parents words; our mannerisms and habits are those that are shaped by the society we live in and our education is controlled by those who choose to give it to us. No matter how you try and escape it- you are a robot. We are all programmed by our experiences and the society in which those experiences happened.

Accept it and stop moaning about it!

Yes- we can make a difference by changing within ourselves, but no man is an island and to make a bigger change, you have to move with those that are changing at the same speed. With over 7 billion people on the planet, do you think we are all changing at the same speed? The world will never change- it will only evolve. And if that is for the better or for the worse depends on those that are living in it.

And what's with the 'Game' thing? Is that how you see life- as one big game? Again, that's an individual perspective. Personally, I don't think Life is a game.

Love? Sorry to disappoint you- it's not the opposite of anything, it's another chemical reaction in the body and again, serotonin (and norapinephrine) has something to do with that....oh and testosterone and a whole bunch of other hormones and neurotransmitters. In fact, aggression and the supposed feelings of Love can cause pretty similar physical reactions. It's simply the interpretation of the individual which turns something in to Love. And interpretation depends on experience- more specifically, childhood experiences of love.

I suggest you look up some names- John Searle, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Dr Ian Robertson, Mary Ainsworth, Jean Piaget, David Chalmers, Charles Darwin, Carl Rogers.

And please- stay off the green or at least, re-read before posting.








Hey man WOW that was pretty good! you make sence.

I wana thank you for explaining the dream question, the love, and you kinda explained how we came from and how we started to comunicate, which i got it. and your absalutly right about us being the robot for ever, since it began... and your right about changing the world... unfotuntly its not gna happen...maybe some day lol

but the main answer i was looking for is" what is the meaning of life?" like i get you okay, we are the robot and we gotta accept it and go with it! but why? why do we have to make all this technolgy and advancment and all these entertainment and you got war going on like on the half of the planet! whats the war for? why are we human always fight and kill each other...?

now there must be someone or some group of people with high power on top running this whole damn show! right!?

so why are they doing all this? is this the purpos of life to set up rules and laws, and make up religion and bring god in it and put fear in people and call it life...?

okay fair enough, there should be someone in charge, there should be rulse so its fair for everyone, there should be gorvnment to protect people and everyone can live a good life, just go to work, get paid, with that money you live and thats life, if you dont have money, you dont have life.

tell me how are we living now days? we all have ID with our picturs it our address and all, we all have some sort of a profile or documents/SIN#, we all have jobs, and we all have to! we all pay bills! some sort of payment is done no matter where u are and where u live in this world. look at how we eat and what we eat! tell me where does our food come from now days? what are we thought in school? what about all these religions? 

its like we human have ego, and how ever this humanity started, we had that ego in us, all animals have ego its in the natur. the only differen is that we humans have brain and can use our brain, and can think and creat and speak. so when the first human apeard on earth, i bet the started to think about life and at some point they got the big picture and the idea and started to do something about it, and their ego told to hey, lets make up sh*t and started telling people! and they did! and it worked! and it still works!!! so dont you think who ever started to make up sh*t because he or they couldnt find the real answer to life and why are really hear on this planet? and whats up with how we are lined up with other planets! and the sun! damn its so hot lol

like i mean look at this whole unievours! its amazing! and something els makes me wonder and think, like look at this world, everything is paired, there is a male and a femal, and together they make more. like why is it like that?

now dont get me wrong? im not trying to be an as****e to ask such questions, but i dont know ia m just cerouis about a lot of things...

now you said every individial have different prospective about life and what life means to them.. but u said that we are the robot! and accept it! so ur telling me that people who are robots live in this world which is run by men and every ruls and laws are manmade, so when a individial is born in such world and he is raised in such world and pretty much is another robot... so in the end it doesnt even matter what u think about life or whyat life means to you, because ur are the robot and forever be! right? bytheway i dont like the term robot, because we are not there yet, u know we are not the future yet, lol i like to use slave, and slavery LOL (sh*t man you must be like :@ WTF! is this stoner saying!!!) lols

anyways my questions is that why does it have to be like this? this whole slavery and power and this whole system... we can live a good life without all this war and crim and laws and rules! but we have to get over our ego and correct ourselves and become one! lol im full of nonsence eh! :P

so who ever you are man, thank you for the time to read my shitty post and take the time to comment on it.. hmm it makes me wonder, but than again i am a stoner its probebly just that i am paranoid lol

but i still havent fully got the answer to the meaning of life the pupos of existence.

now i heard something, so hear me out, what if there is no porpos in life and this is it! i mean what if this is the way it is and its always been like this, and always will be...

anways man




 "what is the meaning of life?" like i get you okay, we are the robot and we gotta accept it and go with it! but why? why do we have to make all this technolgy and advancment and all these entertainment and you got war going on like on the half of the planet! whats the war for? why are we human always fight and kill each other...?

now there must be someone or some group of people with high power on top running this whole damn show! right!?

so why are they doing all this? is this the purpos of life to set up rules and laws, and make up religion and bring god in it and put fear in people and call it life...?"


I am running on little sleep, have lecture plans to write and have to be up at 7am tomorrow- yet I feel compelled to answer your questions- so I'm going to jump straight to point and (no offence) ignore the rest of your post.

BTW- you can out-write me- that's a rare event...Kudos!

I'll start with a controversial opinion: Humans are animals, but what makes us different is the higher order of of 'thought processes' (or cognitive processes, as the proper term is). Where animals such as cats, dogs, etc work with lower level cognitive processes (in that they can fend for themselves by way of survival and instinct, social heirarchy, etc), they don't have higher order cognitive processes, so they can't think abstractly & theoretically. If a dog or cat wants to mark territory, they pee everywhere to elicite a scent to tell others they 'own' that place. Humans, instead, build guns, create armys, control citizens, use propaganda and psychologically influence. Humans have a greater deal of control over how they use their thoughts- we no longer 'survive'- apparently, we 'thrive'. War is about territory, money & power- and taking away the abstract 'money'; territory and power are natural animal battles.

War is not new; it didn't suddenly appear with technology. It's true that technology changes people- it changes what information we can get about our society & the world in general- how we communicate, how we percieve others in our society, the image we portray of ourselves- modern technology has changed every aspect of our daily lives. You're 21, so I doubt you can recall a 'twin-tub' washing machine, but back in the day- before front loaders- it would take all day to do a couple of loads of washing. If you wanted to communicate with someone in Australia, you wrote a letter and had to wait several weeks for a reply. You were lucky if you had a car- usually it was only one per family. The tv had only 4 channels- no cable or Freeview. Kids entertained themselves with books or their friends- there were no game consoles and kids tv was only on for a couple of hours a day on BBC1 or ITV. Life was slower- and despite the poverty (compared to todays poverty of designer clothes, big HD tvs and flash mobile phones), life was happier and less stressful. People were more socially orientated- yet today, the more frequent use of technology tends to isolate.

Yet it's people that use technology- it doesn't use us. We created it and we use it for what purpose we deem it suitable for. Plus it has it's upsides: being able to speak to someone on the otherside of the world in real-time demonstrates that the world isn't actually that big and we can now connect to people that we wouldn't have the chance to before. In a sense, technology had the ability to bring people together, as well as isolate them. Furthermore- look at the medical advancements that technology has allowed for. Cancer rates are coming down due to technology being able to spot it at earlier stages and of course, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Technology used for pre-natal scans and maternity wards have prevented millions of premature deaths.

Technology has an upside and a downside- it depends on who is using it.

We are robots because we can never escape the fact that we have to live in this world with others in a society. No matter who we are or where we live we have to adhere to some form of societial rules and 'norms'. Hence we are robots. We will always have to depend on others to live and survive, so we have to conform in one sense or another. We have our own minds- that can't be disputed. We make decissions, take responsability and make up our own rules for our own lives. Yet those rules that we make for ourselves are still part of a bigger picture and of a bigger set of rules. Individually, we also have free will over how much we conform. For example- you're a rebel; your smoking dope which is against the law. You're not conforming to the wider rules of society, yet you no doubt have your own moral 'guidelines', beliefs, etc that match some of the wider rules of society- thus you're not raping or murdering anyone tonight (or at least, I hope not!)!!

To believe that someone is running the whole show- are you refering to conspiricy theories or a deity? Conspiricy theories- perhaps. You should look up some stuff on the Aluminati and the Knights Templar, but don't get to wrapped in it. For a dope smoker- it will screw your head up & you should look at it very lightly. A diety? No idea and wouldn't like to say. I like to stick to what I have proof of: the positive aspects of human nature, the sun, moon & stars, animals and plants and more importantly, the power of my own mind- they are all amazing phenomenon and I have faith that they're running the whole show! Personally, it doesn't matter to me who or what created the world and everything in it- humans have the power to destroy it all, so I just enjoy what I see, feel & hear now, while I have the chance.

You are currently 'seeking' and no one can give you the answer to your questions. For what you believe are the answers, you have to do some soul searching....and you won't find it on a medical message forum. You'll find it amongst people, in books & education, in travelling and experiences. The purpose of life is whatever you believe it is- it could be your family, a god, science, drugs- wherever you see it and feel it.

We are all but clueless bacteria: we breed without knowing why and have no idea why we're in this petrie dish! But that's Life- absorb it, live it and love it!

Good luck on your spiritual and philisophical journey, Sicko~ now go Google some of the names I gave you and do some reading!!!!:-)



Disregard the article entirely it is one long badly composed incoherent ramble it is well known that weed causes ramblings and disjointed mental function, and he was clearly high when authoring this piece. You can tell this is written non compos mentis after he states, quote - "well ive been smoking for a year ish and i say weed made me relize all this and become i dont know SMART! lol". This is Incredibly entertaining to read and giggle at; but when it comes down to facts the use of weed is characterized by large losses in IQ points, and destruction of the brains problem solving capability. Enjoy this entertaining post... :)
sincerely ,