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About two weeks ago I was experiencing pain in my legs when I tried resting or at night, It kept me up all night, I started taking Benadryl or/and trazadon (which would normally knock me out) however even being completely exhausted I couldn't sleep cause of the discomfort, I looked into it and ate foods high in potassium and magnizim but didn't help. This week my symptoms have gotten worse... I've been getting these cluster of migraines that usually can be controled with one Inj of Imatrex but now even doing the max daily dose of two Inj (spaced over an hr each) has no effect! The intensity of my headache cause me to vomit. I can't even drink water because once I do I get really dizzy and then I'm running to the bathroom and most the time not making it. I'm really worried, I don't think it's a bug because my children aren't sick plus I've never had a bug last this long. What could be causing this? Malnutrition? Low blood cell count? Eye sight? Is there anyone out there that could possibly list any conditions it may be? I'll go to a dr. (When they can schedule me in) But I'm hoping I can fix myself before running to the ER, our ER is a nightmare and having to bring my one year old makes it worse! Thanks ahead for any feed back!


Hi! I have to say that you clearly seem to be aware that you’re having problems and clearly well educated with regards to treating your migraines and how you would normally self medicate. With that in mind I would suggest that you just bite the bullet and go to see the doc, otherwise the likelihood is that you’re going to end up having to go to ER which isn’t what you want at all. Having pains in your legs could come from any number of things, never mind the other symptoms and having all the parental responsibilities will just make is more stressful. Go see a professional.