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Whether you're male or female, these tips will help you avoid and treat razor burn from shaving.


For this, I asked my husband to weigh in, as I have no idea what facial razor burn feels like. As a male, it can hurt saving with a razor on a good day. While he rarely does it himself, being a bearded man, there is often the time when he’ll need to tidy his beard of it’s rough edges only to be bitten by the bug that is shaving rash or burn. It’s often to do with having a poor razor more so than method (so he says!) but there are a couple of ways that you can prevent this. Firstly - invest in a decent quality blade.

I know I said there are other ways to prevent razor burn, but the first is always the obvious one. Hubby made the mistake of using a poor, plastic razor for his recent Movember attempt and it left a really sore, red mark behind that was sore for days. It’s tender and not too nice, and that’s because he got 5 in a pack for $1.50. Make sure you get a great quality blade with a soother on it and you’ll not regret it for a second.

Next up, make sure you’re applying a real decent amount shaving foam or cream. You can get balms and creams, as well, that help that particular area heal and desensitize a little bit quicker than letting the pure elements hit it straight away. Hubby tends to make sure to go for a reputable shaving brand when he chooses his products, mainly because they tend to know what they’re doing.

If you’ve already shaved and the burn is starting to set in, a great simple, natural way to sooth the feeling is by using a little ice inside a paper towel and letting that cold temperature relax your face and calm the raw area a little. Not constantly touching it is another great way of calming the feeling down quickly, as well.

When you’re looking to sooth your skin, make sure you’re avoiding alcohol related products. This is a quick and easy step to take. Alcohol dried out your skin and blocks up pores within your face that causes irritation on a major scale. If you can avoid doing this, you give the rash that shaving leaves behind a better chance to heal quicker. The rash is a dry, irritated part of your body and the best chance to stop the pain is by creating natural moisture.

Finally, avoid shaving that area of your face for a while. It’s a simple step but one of the more obvious, again. If you’re repeatedly getting a sore where you’re shaving, then that isn’t a good sign. Maybe use heat to open up the pores of your face and aid the shaving process completely. If you’ve decided you’re going to shave then it’s best to use a few of these processes to overcome one of the more painful parts of shaving.

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