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Hi, my husband & I are trying for number 2.

Today is my 25th day of cycle, my period should be due in 2 days.

Just 4 days ago, I've started to have mild cramping.

It is irritating!:( Yesterday I was light headed & tired all day long. I also had a heartburn. I am feeling bloated & gassy (uncomfortable!).

Today I woke up, felt my right breast more tender on the side. My cramping is dull (annoying!) it is off and on, all day long. Now it is cramping down on the left side. Dull & just irritating. I have lower back pain too.

I just don't feel myself at all. Am I ovulating late? pregnant? pmsing? I am not all emotional just irritated with all the  crampings. Wondering nonstop what is going here?

Any lady out there felt the same here? Were you pregnant? or ovulating? or?

Thanks!! I'd appreciate it!


Hi hun, you sound like you are going through the same situation as me. The cramping is so annoying isn't it!! I just want to know if iam or not but I can't test till next week as its too early yet. What I will tell you is that with my first I was like this, and tested for nearly 4 weeks untill I got a positive!! The cramping was implantation taking place and I had brown spotting for a couple of days. This time tho I have no spotting just white or clear mucas. But my sister didn't spot with her 2 kids. Some people do and some people don't. I feel so sick, gets better when I have some food. And my back ache is really bad. I certainly do not think I could possibly have pre menstrual cramping for 4 days before my period. I never get cramp until I actually start my period so I know that this is different. I'm pretty certain I'm pregnant. Just have to wait! I hope this helps! Xx