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I will try to shorten this story up as much as possible... Please give me some advice.

I missed 2 period sin a row, and I was on birth control (lo loestrin)...which was very abnormal. The birth control I was on before (loestrin 24 FE) I had my period on time every single month as expected. Near the end of my second pack, I started cramping, my boobs were EXTREMELY sore, I was tired, nauseous throughout the day, the whole deal. I figured it was PMS symptoms and I would finally get my period, but it never showed up. I took a few tests, and got all negatives so I called my doctor. She said to stop my birth control, and if I hadn't started my period or gotten a positive test result in 2 weeks, then to come in for an appointment. Right on the 2 week mark, I felt like I was going to explode. I knew my period was coming. Immediately I ran to the bathroom, sat there for about two minutes, and started bleeding. This period was how my flow normally is, but only lasted 2 days. I ended up not calling the doctor, because if I started my period, then I wasn't pregnant!...Or so I thought. Seeing as I was not trying to get pregnant, and I am in college, I did not want a baby; but I would have welcomed it with open arms. I am going to school to be a labor and delivery nurse; I love babies.

Anyway, my boobs stopped being sore after that, but I did go up a cup size! I'm almost too big for a DD! After a couple weeks had passed, I started getting headaches EVERY DAY! I woke up with a headache every morning, and either had it all day long, or got rid of it and got it back later in the evening. I very rarely get headaches so I thought this was strange. I was also experiencing cramping again. Sometimes dull, sometimes felt like a needle, and sometimes felt like a sharp pain. I started spotting, but it never was red blood. Always brown. Spotting lasted for 1 day, and then the next day it was completely gone. Currently, and for the past week and a half, I have been bloated and gassy nonstop all day everyday. It doesn't matter what I eat or if I even eat at all, my stomach is always protruding. I took another test just to see, and it was negative yet again. I called my doctor office again, and all the lady told me to do is get on a different birth control. I told her I wasn't even taking birth control and that I shouldn't be having these symptoms when I had just had my period a week before, but she would not listen. Didn't tell me any information about what could be going on. I told her I would like to come in and be evaluated, the cramping should most definitely not be happening for this long and I think I have an infection of some kind, and all she said was to call back in a couple weeks if it persisted.

I am VERY upset with my doctor office. I normally love them, but the fact that they aren't conserned about finding out what's wrong with me is upsetting. What if I have an ovarian cyst, an infection, or what if I actually am PREGNANT?!

To this very day, I am gaining weight, very gassy/bloated, bigger breasts, headaches, tired, dizzy spells, and getting a weird feeling in my uterus. Almost like it is stretching, but it isn't painful. It just feels like a little pressure. I don't know how to explain it.

I would be about 9-11 weeks today, if I were pregnant.

Could these symptoms be from pregnancy and I am just getting a negative result? Could it be my body's hormones out of whack? Could it be an infection? Or could it all just be a coincidence?

My doctor told me that lo loestrin is the lowest hormone dosage in a birth control, so I should have less side effects than any other birth control on the market. But with this pill, I have felt every "side effect" in the book. She said I shouldn't have any symptoms at all. And now I am getting pounded with all pregnancy symptoms.

I am so confused, and my doctor won't tell me a thing.

Has anyone else gone through this or know anyone who has? I feel pregnant, but I don't want to worry about it too much because my sister says if I really believe I am pregnant, I will only start showing symptoms even more...



i Think that your not pregnant , it is about the birth controle , anw go to the labor and do a blood test : HCG level , and if the test got negative , the ur not pregnant , after doing the test go to a doctor and found out what happening in ur body :) gd luck :)