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I just stopped the pill after 4 years in order regulate my periods and TTC. My last period started Sept 20th, which was the last period on the pill and a "false period". My cycles were somewhat irregular before the pill and usually were wbout 30-40days long. My husband and I had sex all three days from Sept 29th through Oct 1st, 10-12 days post period. Starting Oct 5th, 5 days later, I had 2 days of mild cramping and very light brown spotting. No other major symptoms. Pregnancy test is negative thus far. Is this just funky spotting from going off the pill or could I be pregnant? Was it too early for pregnancy test to be positive? Any info or advice would be helpful.


Did you get your period or a positive result yet? I am in the same boat... I was on the pill for just under 4 years. Just went off October 1st and my last period was October 2nd-6th. We had sex all the days that I should have been ovulating. I also had very light brown spotting for 1 day, the 24th. Period was due on Oct 31st. I still have not gotten my period... I have taken 2 test one on the 26th and one on Nov 1st, both negative.