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My name iz TRA.. me an my boyfriend had unprotected sex on december 1 an the 8. i came on my period on da 14 i only sayed on for 5 day itz uselly 7 dayz.. now dis month ive had painz in my stomach that i neva had before then it went away for 2 days now itz back an people keep tellin me im prego. an today i just felt dizzy hot weak an i waz throwing up i felt so bad now my stomach just hurt a lil... Im waiting on my period now itz kinda late... i need sum help plz ...THANX


Having unprotected sex just once can result in pregnancy. Since you had what you said was a period (just two days short), it may or may not mean that you could still be pregnant...though its very possible.

The only way to tell if you're pregnant is to take a home pregnancy test. They're not very expensive and you can usually get them at any drugstore or pharmacy (WalMart and Wallgreens as well). The best one on the market for detecting the lowest amount of the HcG pregnancy hormone is First Response. Take one according to the directions. If it comes up negative, wait a few days and test again. If that TOO is also negative, wait for your period. If your period is still late (say, another week) either test again, waiting about a week in between, or go to a local clinic and ask to have a pregnancy test done. (This can be done with either a blood test OR a urinary analysis).

You should also look into getting a contraceptive method such as the pill, patch, or shot. Condoms are very very effective as well and should be used every time.

Good luck, and be safer next time!! :-)