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On Sunday I was excited to take not only 1 but 2 pregnancy tests at different times of the day to find them saying pregnant. (They were digital EPT tests). My period is not due til friday so I tested about a 5 days early before my missed period.

This morning I took an EPT, that was just a line test not digital, and it came up negative....So I don't know what to think?? or do??

My husband and I used an ovulation test and we did have intercourse during my ovulation period.....

Any Help?


well, i do know that pregnancy tests are infamous for displaying false negatives. you generally won't get a false positive...but i could be wrong. anyway, wait until your period is late and then try another test. it is best to take a test in the morning as there are high levels of hormones in your urine at this time (it's heavily concentrated in the morning). also look for early pregnancy symptoms in about a week. like increased urination, tender breasts, fatigue, and the rare implantation bleeding. only about 30% of women experience implantation bleeding. it is a small spotting of blood that occurrs after conception. the dischare is a lighter pink than normal menstrual blood and is much thinner, rather than heavy or thick. i hope that this is helpful! let me know what you find out! best wishes. c: