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My last period was April 3. My period are on time 98% of the time if they are late it is by a day. My Period was due on May 3. I still have no Period. My breast are very tender and seem to get more and more sore daily. I am been EXTREMLY tired for about 2 weeks now. My Pregnancy Tests are still coming back negative.

My cervix is high, softer by the day, and seems "closed".

When I woke up today, adn used the RR, there was a little bit of blood in the cervical mucas... Seems about every 3 RR breaks there is ever so little pinkish, red "spotting"....

If I am preggo should i be getting this bleeding, also should my test be positive by now? Any advice would be great.


Hi Mango,

It's possible it is implantation bleeding. 

When you do test, use your first morning urine as it is more concentrated and likely to give an earlier positive.  Follow all directions carefully, especially times.  If you still haven't had your normal period in another week or so, repeat the test.  As you get further along the hCG levels rise rapidly.

Hope it helps, good luck.