I stopped my BC, Zoely in August 2018 as I was starting to experience anxiety, racing heart for no reason whole sitting at my desk, fatigue and weakness, pains in my left shoulder , very strong sense of smell so everything made me feel nauseous. I went to see my gynea and he advised me to stop the pill. The first 2-4 weeks I didnt notice a difference , week 4 I got my period which was brutally heavy and required me to change sanitary ware every 30 minutes for 2 days. The pain was excrutiting, I contemplated asking my husband to take me to the emergency room because the pain was on a levl I had never experienced before. I had gotten a false positive on a digital pregnancy about 3 days before my period and 2 negatives so I I didn't know what to think. That was end of September. By the last day of my period I started feeling off emotionally but I just wrote it off to being hormonal but 3 days latter I woke up with full blown panic attacks, anxiety and racing thoughts that I couldn't make sense of. They would last for 2 - 3 days and then suddenly it would feel like a cloud was pulled back in my head and I was myself again for a few hours and then the cycle would start all over again. I couldn't eat which made things worse as I was getting more weak. I eventually realized that eating helped so I would force the food down. This severe symptoms lasted for 2 weeks and started easing but I was still struggling to focus at work, my hubby didn't understand what was happening and eventually agreed that I go for blood tests. DHEA-S (adrenal function), estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, Thyriod function. Only thyroid came back normal, the rest were all out. Especially adrenal glands and progesterone. To cut a long story short about all my research etc the following is what has made the biggest difference., Igot a supplement called Cortisol Balance by Medford.... I've been on it for 3 weeks now (2 capsules every night) and it has worked like a charm, I'm also using products by Mannatech, they are plant based and help with restoring your endocrine system after taking the pill. Also clean eating as in whole foods, no caffeine or sugar until you balance out as this makes everything worse. Ive been off the pill now since August 2018 and every day gets better. I know it feels like it wont but push through the really scary days and get plenty of rest. Oh and I've also been taking Vit C 2000 mg per day and magnesium about 1000mg a day..... all the stuff I've been taking has really helped to speed up the healing process. The antianxiety and antidepressants wont work as its your adrenals / nervous system is fatigued and that is what you need to treat.