I have a question that seems to be eating away at me.

I talked with my gyn over a month ago and we decided that Neuvaring, a new form of birth control, was the best method for me as I am not great with taking pills regularly. I've used it exactly as it's supposed to be used. It's been 3 weeks and removed the ring monday night. It is not wednesday night and I still have not gotten my period. I've heard that sometimes a missed period when starting bc is common, though that's when the pill was being discussed.

I also woke up this morning with severe calf pain in both my legs as well as some moderate pain in my lower back. I'm athletic and have not had these pains since my aerobics class months ago and have not done anything to strain them. I was wondering if it could possibly be a sign on pregnancy. I also had diarrhea today, although I believe this is a result to drinking so much caffine lately as my stomach is a bit sensitive to soda. I also have not had any cramping in my abdomen.

I am a bit confused and have not taken a pregnancy test yet, though if my period does not come by the time to put in the new ring I will. I am also iffy as to if I'm pregnant because along with birth control, each time my boyfriend and I had sex, he used a spermicidal condom.

If anyone can offer some advice or if anyone has any idea to the cause of some of my issues, it would be greatly appreciated.