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Hello all, I was diagnosed with type 2 about 8 months ago and my doctor put me on gliclazide (a sulfonylurea) which is supposed to make my pancreas make more insulin. Unfortunately my sugar levels are up around 10 so my doctor gave me metformin. Well, since I have pancreatic problems along with liver dysfunction my gastrointestinal doctor says it's not a good idea at least not for now. So, if I cannot take metformin what next? Are there other options in terms of medications at least in the short term that I can take. Anyone have any info on this. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.


Hello, Sounds like your gliclazide is not working for you. You may have insulin resistance and or your diet is way off. Remember diet and exercise are very important in managing blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, there are a number of other options if you can't take metformin and your sulfonylurea is not working. Even with liver and pancreatic dysfunction you may be able to take metformin SR as it is better tolerated by most people. Talk to your doctor about a DDP-4 inhibitor such as Januvia or Onglyza or a TZD like Actos. There are injectable meds you might be able to take such as Byetta or Victoza. And, don't forget about insulin, it is an option as well. Your doctor can help you will alternative medications when the time comes. Which ever one your are prescribed will depend on your particular situation including any other health issues and lifestyle. You don't need to worry, you still have alternatives. They just need to find the right med for you. Since your gastrointestinal doctor doesn't want you on metformin, the doctor should have some idea what medication you should take. See if you can't talk with your gastro doctor again and see what they recommend.