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Ginger is a spice that adds a kick to anything you whip up in the kitchen, but it also has superior health benefits. Clinical research has shown that it may help prevent cancer, lower blood sugar, and reduce inflammation. Read more about this superfood.

Ginger could be considered one the most used holiday spices. Everything from Granny’s homemade cookies, to holiday cocktails, to side dishes that compliment your holiday feast may contain ginger. It’s a good thing because during the season of giving, ginger provides the gift of health.

Here are some scientifically proven health benefits of the tasty superfood and ways you can use it in your kitchen.

Why Is Ginger Such A Potent Spice?

Ginger has historically been considered a healing plant. Its root has been used for over 5000 years medicinally, as a delicacy, and as a spice. Today it is most popular as a spice used in foods and drinks, but it still packs a healthy punch for those who use it frequently. Its uses for fighting disease are still constantly being researched.

According to WebMD (2016), ginger possesses chemicals that could reduce nausea and inflammation. The chemicals are believed to work primarily in the stomach and intestines, and they may also work in the brain and nervous system to help control different types of nausea. WebMD also attests that it can help with upset stomach, IBS, colic, gas diarrhea, and other stomach issues.

Here are some more amazing health issues that ginger can help tackle:

Ginger Has Cancer Fighting Properties

Mankind has been searching for a cure for cancer for decades. It’s one of the most frightening diseases of this century. The National Cancer Institute (2016) stated, “In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease.”

Researchers have also looked to ginger as a promising natural way to battle cancer. Any agent that helps prevent, suppress, or reverse the development of cancer is called a chemopreventative. 6-Gingerol is recognized as being a chemopreventative according to a review of research. Researchers say that the  major pharmacologically-active component of ginger, 6-Gingerol, possesses anti-cancer activities (Poltronieri et al., 2014).

Ginger Lowers Blood Sugar For Type 2 Diabetics

Have you been struggling to get your A1C levels where they need to be despite being on prescription medication? A study by Mozaffari-Khosravi et al. (2014) showed that ginger can lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. 

According to the research, patients successfully lowered their blood sugar by taking 1 gram of ginger three times daily over a period of 8 weeks. Talk to your doctor about adding ginger to your daily regimen if you still struggle with high blood sugar. If your doctor approves, they may need to adjust your prescription medication because ginger can interact with certain medications.

Reduce Muscle Pain And Soreness

Just starting to work out again? Work out two hours plus a day? Whatever type of muscle soreness you are experiencing, it can be soothed with the help of ginger.

Researchers from the University of Georgia found taking a daily dose of ginger reduces muscle pain brought on by exercise. Di Leonardo (2010) reports that the study even found that heating ginger may release additional benefits.

Use ginger as an ingredient in your next meal or take one to two drops of ginger oil orally to help alleviate muscle pain and soreness.

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