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I have newly been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I saw some other posts here from people who also have ulcerative colitis, so I thought that this would be the perfect place for me to ask a question about your eating habits. What is the best diet for ulcerative colitis? What did your doctor recommend? How do you feel about this? Thank you for any comments, because I am really struggling with this issue at the moment.


Hi Noel
I too am newly diagnosed with UC (mid-May). I live in Sweden and was told in hospital by the gastro-enterologists that food has no impact and I can eat what I want. After insisting on seeing the ward's dietician, I was given the following advice for diet during an inflammation/flare-up...

low fat/oil (triggers pain response in the gastro-intestinal tract)
bland food
no fruit or veg seeds - berries are particularly bad...seeds on strawberries! also seeds in tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, etc.
no fruit or veg peels/skins
no fruit or veg with long fibres, such as in pine-apples, sweet potatoes, winter squash & pumpkins, asparagus, etc.
no high-fibre foods - citrus fruits especially, also wholewheat etc. She said to eat what's traditionally seen as unhealthy - refined flours/white bread
no pulses and legumes - beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, etc.
no mushrooms
no gas-inducing veg - onions, brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.
only cooked veg, nothing raw (not much left to choose from once you've avoided the above)
no seeds - eg sesame, sunflower seeds
no nuts
no red meat except if minced/ground
sugar in moderation
avoid dairy and caffeine if it seems to make your symptoms worse

So what I've been eating is basically potatoes, rice, white bread, chicken, fish, ham, pears. As far as fruit is concerned, she said that the only really safe fruit to eat is peeled and deseeded apples and pears, and bananas (although these make me constipated). I've progressed to tolerating peeled, cooked zucchini, peeled peaches, peeled and deseeded tomatoes (always LOVED tomatoes and really missed them!), cottage cheese, and possibly a few more which I can't think of right now.

It seems that once you get it "under control", your diet is individual to what you can tolerate.

I hope all's going ok with you and you get well soon :-)


Oops, sorry, forgot to answer rest of yr question...
I've found it really hard!! But it's been worse feeling so awful and I'm prepared to do what it takes. I've found this whole UC thing to be quite a nightmare! I was quite happy taking the Asacol because it seemed to be making a difference (the only side effects that bothered me were constant tiredness, arrhytmia/irregular heartbeat, occasional muscle pain) but when I went for my appointment on Thurs, the doc told me to stop the Asacol immediately because my blood creatinine levels had gone up by 50% from the last tests 5 wks ago. I now have to see a nephrologist to determine whether there's kidney damage :-( . I also don't know what will happen with the UC as there are no other meds they can give me (I'll be finishing the prednisolone next Wed and would prefer to not need it again!). I've been told we have to wait and see what happens, with a variety of further tests and sigmoidoscopies over the coming weeks to check the status of my colon.
Also forgot to say that I started taking pro-biotics 3 weeks ago and it's made a HUGE difference. There are many different strains of intestinal bacterial flora (various types of lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, etc), so it needs to be one with as many as possible...the most I found were 7 strains (at a health shop - the ones in pharmacies here contain only a single strain). I've also been told by a few people who've struggled for many years with IBD's that they got a lot of relief from acupuncture, so I'll give that a go too.

How are you doing? Has anything worked for you?
Good luck!