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im a sixteen year old girl and i just recently started taking birth control. im almost half way done with my second month and ive vomitted twice in the past week reeelly early in the morning. my eating habbits are pretty bad..... i dont get hungry that much unless im stoned. and recently ive been having a ton of sex with my boyfriend. also i couldnt sleep at all last night. i dont know im just really scared of getting pregnant so young i dont know what to do. someone please help!


hi my names tasha im 16 and you might wanna slow down a bit being stoned haveing sex not eating well not sleeping is no good for you i was the esact same and now look i have a 6 week old baby and i found out im prego again the other day .... but you really should slow down on what you do you are only young and have a life ahad of you dont reack it you might do something and your life could be over befor its started .... If you have been haveing tones of sex have you been useing protecshion ? if not you could have a high chance of being prego you could buy a Pregnace Test or you could take a home test if you are going to take a home test hear are some of the symptions

1. Morning Sickness ( Vomiting early in the morning )

2. You Havent Had Your Pirieod

3. You Arnt As Hungry At The Start ( You Will Start To eat more ) slowly

4. You Have mood Swings

5. You Get Tierd Esaly

thats some symptions there will be more if so you should take a test or go to a docter if you dont want your parents finding out go with a friend or some one you can trust ... BUT you will be best to tell your parents



hope i helped Tasha :)