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hello :]

i am 15 years old, currently sexually active, lost it about a month ago
the first couple of times we didnt use a condom, but he pulled out before he came, and he peed before we had sex

just after my first sexual activity, i started to feel the urge to pee alot, and when i did it would burn and even if i didnt need to pee, i still would feel urges

i am about 2 weeks late for my period now :[
i dont no what is going on, i was looking up pregnancy symptions a week ago, and i have started to get sore breasts and thats about it

what should i do? i dont no if i am pregnant or if i just have a UTI and the stress is causing my period to skip


thanks xx.


It definitely sounds like you at least had a UTI. If you still have symptoms of a UTI, I suggest you see a doctor and get treated. You don't have to worry about your parents thinking you had sex because women don't always get UTIs from sexual intercourse.

If you're late for your period, take a pregnancy test. If you feel self-conscious about buying one, see if a friend won't buy one for you. Perhaps your boyfriend would buy it for you. You can also try and buy the test when no one else is really around in the store. There are also many stores that have self-check outs, so perhaps you'd like to do that for more privacy. Be sure to get more than one test because if this is negative and you still don't get your period and/or have pregnancy symptoms, you'll want to test again.