Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on my situation:

I've been on my birth control (Microgestin) for a few months now (around 5) and I know that my body can work with it. However, in early September, I had lost my job and couldn't buy my pack of pills for that month. So after finding another job and waiting for my period to come (Nov 15th, ended the 20th), I bought a pack and started them on the 25th (Sunday. Because I'm a sunday starter).

I am now two weeks into my pills (I take them at 10am, or within the hour) and I am experiencing some rather heavy bleeding, similar to a period.Yes, I am sexually active but I waited the be-on-the-pill-a-week-before-having-sex rule I read in the instructions and even then, my boy friend pulled out to be sure (He has his own issues due to medications he takes so his hormones are pretty wonky. Not infertile but not exactly normal either (I think I could say they lower his sperm count).

I'm not cramping, nothing is uncomfortable, it's just that over the past three-four days, the bleeding went from a lighter spotting (the normal light brown with clear discharge I'm used to.) to a period like bleed with some tissue discharge (normal for me when Im on my period, not in this case when it's "spotting" though).

Could this be because I wasn't on the pill for a month, and started up right away the next month, when you're told you should let your body adjust for three? But I'm not switching pills and found this pill works nicely so does the three month rule still apply. Could it be the off chance that I'm having a miscarriage?Worse comes to worst, I'll go to my doctor on Monday and see what she says.