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Here's my situation....

On Friday, at my pill taking time(6pm), I realized I had missed Wednesdays and Thursdays. This has happened before, so I knew to take Wed. and Thurs., and then Saturday at 6pm I planned on taking Fri. and Sat. However, I forgot AGAIN. I remembered this morning at 10am, about 15 hours after my normail pill taking time. I took Fri. and Sat. then. So....

Can I take today's pill(Sun.) at my normal time(6pm)? There will be about 8 hours in between when I took Fri's and Sat's and today's. I'm pretty sure 3 in one day is not okay, but what should I do then? I'm taking Yasmin and am a sunday starter.

Also how long should I use a back up contraceptive?




I need an answer to this also,

Ive forgotten my pills at work on friday. I skipped Saturday and Sunday and now im at work (Monday) and took all 3 tablets at the correct daily time. What will happen? Will i be safe from pregnancy? I dont know what the answer will be till another month, I need to know now so if i am gonna fall pregnant id rather stop using the pill as it will kill my baby and just have the child. I need to know asap.. can someone tell me if im safe or not?


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I dont now much about Yas. Im on the pill but a different one.
Missing taking the pill could reduce your protection.
I dont think taking three in one day will increase or keep you protected.
Taking three pill wont hurt you, but not adviced to do.
As for hurting you baby.......Do you think you could be pregnant?
If so you need to get a test, if your not sure you need to ask your doctor about carrying on taking the pill.
People who get pregnant for what ever reason while on the pill, Iv havnt heard that there is a danger in taking the pill.

Can anyone else help on that one??


I did the same exact thing, last sunday, but starting tuesday I have been spotting, not red but brown now its really light pink, and it's a lot lighter also, then tonight i got woke up at 1am to get sick. I called my doctor thursday and they said everything should be fine but now I am starting to worry. If anyone could help with an answer please email me at _[removed]_


I have a similar problem i missed 3 BC pills not even thinking i just took them all in one day.. i heard it wasnt bad for you. Anyways i had  unprotected sex that same day..i took my BC pill for the next day like i thought i should.. then i had sex that day as well twice, the next day i was bleeding brown stuff but then it stopped i had sex that day as well then the bleeding started again.. is this my period? should i be worried?!?!