I've been on tri sprintec for about 3.5 months (was on beyaz before that) and I'm starting the placebos this coming Sunday. Yesterday I woke up really dizzy and had a bad case of vertigo. I decided to take the day off work and discovered a little bit later when I went to the bathroom that I was spotting a little. The dizziness and light headedness went away within an hour or two for the most part. The spotting is heavier today. Spotting isn't completely unusual for me but I didn't have it last month (my withdrawl bleeding started a little later than normal, though--rather than starting the 2nd day of the placebos it was the 5th or so) but I haven't had a normal period or even a withdrawl bleeding in 2-3 years because i also have PCOS. I had no period at all until this summer (coincidentally after I gave up marathon running) and since I've stopped running so much I've been having periods but not entirely normal. Anyway, they seemed like they were just starting to get normal for the past month or two but now I'm spotting a week early.

I take my birth control pill around the same time everyday (between 5 and 7 am) and I've always heard that there is a 2 hour window to take them, so that should be fine, right? It's never earlier than 5, never later than 7. The month before I always took it between 5 and 6, so could it literally be that extra hour on occasion throwing my body off?

I had sex either the 2nd or 3rd of January. That would have been during the first week of a new pack of pills. I was freaking out over the spotting and saw that it would have been on the right timeline for implantation bleeding if i had gotten pregnant on either of those dates. I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms though. My fiance wasn't wearing a condom when we had sex, but he did pull out (yes yes, I know that's not a hugely reliable method but I figured with me taking the pill and having PCOS we'd be protected enough, although I know the pill isn't 100% reliable and that PCOS doesn't mean that I wouldn't get pregnant.)


Do you think it's likely that I could be pregnant or is it my body being wonky? I suppose anything is possible--I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative, but I know it's WAY too early for an accurate result...I guess I just wanted to see the negative for some reassurance.