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I've been on Yaz birth control for a year now. I am going to my boyfriend's next week and we had planned on having sex.
I was going to make my period come in the third week of pink (active) pills of my Yaz pack. I took a white pill Monday (which was Wednesday's inactive pill for the following week), then talked it over with him and decided to continue the pink pills. So, Tuesday, I took Monday's pink pill, Wednesday I took the Tuesday pill and so on, until today (Saturday). I took Friday's pill today, and got my period (I think, there's quite a bit of blood, don't think it's spotting). So I figured my body had been thrown off by the lack of hormones on Monday. I preceded to take my Saturday pill as well as the Friday pill.
My main question it bad that I am experiencing bleeding? Will I be able to have unprotected sex roughly 4 or 5 days from now? Did my Yaz fail this month? If it helps, I'm a Sunday-starter on Yaz.

Thank you for any help!!


Hi Plastikbubble, I imagine that this response is a bit late for you but it should be okay but if you are concerned that your birth control is not working then don't have unprotected sex! I think that's the best bet. Have you spoken to a doctor about this just to ensure that this is normal? I think it might be a good idea. Keep us posted!