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From now on, plastic surgeons will be referring their implant seeking patients for mental health consultation if they suspect their patient could be at high risk of a psychiatric disorder or suicide. It was found, during a study on the link between breast implants and cancer risk, that women who wanted to have their breasts done were not at increased risk of developing cancer but that they were at higher risk of committing suicide.

Most of the women who undergo breast augmentation surgeries are healthy women with lower-than-average risks of diseases. This is one of the factors of being able to have the surgery done. However, it seems that although they were in good physical health, their mental health may have not be as good. It has been found that the women who undergo such procedures had problems with self-esteem and were at risk of depression and other psychiatric disorders.

Researches tracked lives of women who underwent breast augmentation surgeries and other forms of plastic surgery and both groups were found to have an increased risk of suicide. From more than 24,000 breast implant patients around 58 committed suicide, which some people state is not a dramatic risk.


Is it because of the sensation loss? It is importsnt part of emotions to have sensitivity in bteasts if you had it before.