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Hi there
Imdue to go to malaysia on may 21st to have a full face lift and breast Augmentation.

Im not so worried about the face lift as i am about having implants, iv heard so much how this procedure can cause infections , and could encapsulate at any time even if they have been in for years.

Due to weight loss and age, i have never been happy with my breast.

Has anyone had this surgery in the past who could give me some advice.


kim :'( [/list]


Every surgery caries it’s risks. By collecting all the necessary information about a plastic surgery, you are the only one who should make the decision if you should do it or not.

Some women could have gone perfectly through the surgery and had no problems what so ever. Others may have not be so fortunate and experience problems like capsular contracture, asymmetry, rupture, chest wall deformity, etc. There are many possible complications and most of them are treated surgically or non-surgically.

A very important thing about having breast augmentation is choosing a right doctor. You should always look for a doctor who has experience and it would be best if s/he is specialized in just breasts. It would be best if you met your doctor in person and saw what s/he were like and how committed to their patients they are.

How badly do you want your boobs done? How is the current look influencing your life? If it is interfering with your daily functioning, then you should see if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Have you been checked by this doctor to see what your breasts are like, if you have any underlying medical problems that would prevent you from having the surgery, if you may be at higher risk of developing any of the complications, etc


Hi Girls,
I just want to say that if any of you are having doubt about getting Breast Augmention done, Don't!!

I got them done in Oct 06. They are a new kind that is silicone gel filled implants, witch remind me of Turkish Delight ( But nice and natual looking ). And Best of all there is a life time Guarantee. Even if you have children there will be NO sagging, They will bounce back to how they were beofre the children came, and NO deflating ever, and somthing else that is also so Great you NEVER have to were a bra again!! and if there was for any reason they will replace them for free.

This set me back $8,000 AUD. Money well worth spent.

I went under the musle witch takes a few more days to heal. But is so much more worth it. Coz you can't see the sides of the implants as it is under the musle. They look very natual.

I keept it quite from most of my friends before I got it done. And still to this day they don't know. I told one of my girlfriends I got it done, and she almost fall over. ( I didn't really show my breast before as they were only an A Cup ).

So if you are thinking about getting this done, and you don't want people to look and Say Wow she had her boobs done.

Then do what I did.
After I had book my Surgery, for the next 2 months I increased my breast size. By putting extra padding down my bras. That made it look like I was just growing and none of my friends toke any notice.

Then once the surgery has been done you can only were sports bras for 6 weeks. or you don't have to wear any if you don't want to.

So maybe were sport tops just to hid the swallen look. ( last about 2 weeks ) after the stitches have come out, I found the swalling went done quite fast. a day or two. ( stitches are in for normal time 7 -10 days )

Then about 2 months later you can do anything you were doing before.
( you shouldn't left anything for about 1 - 2 months after having surgery done under the musle as the musle needs more time to heal )

I hope this has been helpful for you. Please let me know if it has been.
And if you have any questions please let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

All the best... xxx


Yes I too have seen some program on Discovery Channel about the risks and all. Well I think you shouldn't do anything your not confident about.
And I have heard there are some massage creams to enhance breast.
Have a talk with the doc for them.......
All the best for what ever you decide.