Silicone gel breast implants were banned because of health concerns 13 years ago and now they are trying to get back into the picture. The opponents of the gel implants are in the picture as well.
With momentum building for final approval of the implants, the critics called on the FDA to hold off until completion of further study on the long-term health effects.

The implants were banned because there was a concern they can rupture and cause connective tissue, multiple sclerosis and other serious diseases.

Breast augmentation surgeries are more and more popular. Last year, more than 264,000 were performed. Some doctors and patients have been clamoring for silicone gel implants, which they say feel more natural and look better than the saline devices available. Many studies showed that they do not cause major diseases.

The arguing of the approval continues and we have to wait as the question has reached senate as well.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons supports the return of silicone gel implants.

They say that there’s been 13 years of very intensive study, and based on all of the scientific evidence, there's clear evidence that these devices are safe and effective. "Because of that, women should have the right to choose."