Scientists from Taiwan say that teenagers with chronic daily headaches, especially migraines are at greater risk of suicide than teens who don't suffer from migraines. Also, these teens are at increased risk of suffering from other psychiatric disorders like depression and panic disorder and scientists suggest that they should be screened for psychiatric disorders so they could get the treatment and help they need.

The researchers included 7,900 students age 12 to 14 in their survey and assessed the suicide risk by ranking their suicidal thoughts and associated behaviors.
A total of 121 teens with chronic daily headaches were identified and screened for psychiatric disorders. Fifty percent of those teens with daily headaches had one or more psychiatric disorder; 21 percent had major depression and 19 percent had panic disorder while twenty percent were found to be at risk of suicide.
Those teens whose migraines were preceded by an aura, warning sensation, were six times more likely to be suicidal and have psychiatric disorders.

It is still very unclear how underlying mechanisms may link migraine and psychiatric disorders but it is known that the migraine, depression and the tendency toward suicide are all related to problems with the levels of serotonin in the brain.