Statistics from 2006 show more people than ever underwent plastic surgeries in USA that year. Around 11 million cosmetic surgeries were performed, which represents rise by 7% comparing to the numbers from 2005.
As far as reconstructive plastic surgeries goes, the numbers are lower-5.2 million, mostly being removals of tumors.
The most popular cosmetic choice was breast augmentation that went ahead nose reshaping surgery, which had the primacy in the last couple of years.
The bronze medal went to liposuction.
There was also an 8% rise in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as injections to fill out wrinkles and botox treatments.
The fourth and fifth places were taken by eyelid surgery and tummy tuck.
It is thought that the return of the silicone breast implants to the U.S. market influenced a rise in breast augmentation and the numbers are still expected to grow.

Ten million procedures were done by women, which is a 9% increase where only one million men decided to get under the knife. The most popular female procedures were breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping while men were more likely to have nose, eyelid and liposuction jobs done. Men were also likely to undergo hair transplantation and breast reduction surgery.