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So um...I had sex about twice with an ex boyfriend in moments of weakness [yes, i'm hung up on him] and he used a condom AND ejaculated outside my vagina. Plus, he's pretty confident that the condom didn't break. But a couple of days after the first time, I had these cramps which were pretty similar to cramps before a period, and at that point, I thought I was getting my period. This happened about twice, and when I googled symptoms of pregnancy, it said that such cramps could occur at the time of implantation. But is that possible in my situation?? Please help.


if he didnt come inside you and the condom didnt split the chances of u being pregnant are slim. the best way to find out is wait untill ur due a period if u miss it take a test if u have ur period ur prob not. the cramps could be due to your period but if your worrying stress can delay periods. hope this helps