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Hi my name is Star &&i need help! Please don't judge but I am 14 years old. Well I might be pregnant! So I had unprotected intercourse November 22. Since then my "period" has only been lasting for 2 days &&they are VERY light. I took a EPT certainty pregnant test around either December or January. It was negative. So I assumed I wasn't pregnant &&forgot about it until yesterday. I've been thinking about the past months &&i still have all the pregnancy symptoms. For example;
-Lower back pain
-Sleepy/exhausted 24/7
-Belly is growing bigger &&getting a rounder shape
-Weird ,odd food cravings
-Nausea when I stand up or get out of bed
-Brown discharge
-Clear discharge
-"Fetal" movement
-Sleep problems
-Just feeling pregnant
-Dreams about being pregnant(never happened before)
&&this morning I took another EPT certainty test &&it was negative! &&before ya'll say it's stress ,I currently have very little to NO stress. Schoolwork comes easy &&no drama. So it is NOT STRESS. Sorry for caps lol

So what do ya'll think?? Possible pregnancy? What do you think I should do?



Can you describe the "fetal movements?"

You have some symptoms that could indicate pregnancy. The problem is the negative HPT's. If you are following the directions carefully they are very accurate even when you're period was first due. You also say that you are still having periods, although lighter in nature.

At almost three months, following the directions, you should have a positive test if you are pregnant.

Make an appointment to see your OB/GYN. You should have an examination based just on the brown discharge. It may not be serious but it can indicate an STD.


ok for starters, im young too. im only 19 and pregnant, i cant imagine being 14... but ill try and make ur situation a little easier if i can. like you have read online, pregnancy goes by when you ovulate. if u get a regular period, lets say it comes every 28 days, that means on average you would ovulate every 14 days. now, youd count from the very first day of your last period. so say your last period was September 26th, and you wound up having sex on the 7th or 8th of October. you'd be with in your fertile window. [[meaning you can conceive or get pregnant at this point in time]] so you would be due for your next period n the 23rd of october. even if you had taken a test on the 31st of october, youd still get a positive, if you were definitely pregnant.
i just gave u an example of myself. my period was 8 days late when i took my first clear blue pregnancy test, i got 2 positives. right now i am currently 19 weeks and 3 days pregnant.
and as for fetal movement? i was 13 weeks the first time i thought a felt the baby move, im very skinny so thats why i felt it sooner then most people would. and even then at 13 weeks i saw my stomach push out for a second in the spot the baby moved in. but movements can easily be mistaken for gas and hunger.
there were times that i had felt "morning sickness" but it was nothing severe that caused me to puke, but that varies from women to women.
if u think your pregnant one of ur first true signs should have been really sore breasts right after conception. and trust me it doesnt just go away, it sticks with you for months and it finally calms down for a little. ur nipples change as well. size and color. if u were ud prob start to notice ur breasts growing faster and ur fingers and suck swelling.

personally, i dont feel a 100 percent confident that your pregnant, because that negative test .... you could just be bloated from an up coming period. or being constipated.
and if you find out that your not, be smarter next time. your to young to be a mother... u still have all of highschool to get threw, and they dont with you because your pregnant. plus its all the worse when you dont have a stable partner... or money.
goood luck, deff keep me updated


and one more thing, before i was pregnant prob back in august or so, i had this brown discharge which was what i thought was the start of an early period, but instead it stayed they dark brown color, and wasnt anything flow like my period would be. more like spotting or so. it was light and then it just began getting darker and darker. then i just never got my period till next month, if i remember correctly. there wasnt really any kind of foul smell either. it can mean an std, but in my case it wasnt, i got checked when i was pregnant, they said i was clean. so it could be ur cycle changing, or anything really for that matter. idt its pregnancy tho


Im very young as well I'm 17 and also had negative tests and still felt pregnant. It could be a lot of things the best way to find out is if you went to the doctors. What did you find out anyways?