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Girls pls help! I used a tampon last night and after 4 hours (I did not go to toilet or take off my underwear for any reasons in the meantime). But I cannot find the tampon! There was some menstrual blood on my underwear as if I had not put in it.

I put my finger in and fish around and there was nothing. Now, I still have my blood coming out as usual...

Everything looks normal...but I cannot don't worrying. Because I put in it and it just disappears. May I ask:
If I really have a lost tampon inside, can the menstrual blood still comes out?


Yes, the blood has saturated the tampon and then additional blood pushes through and around and flows out of your vagina. The tampon is "lost" because you did not keep the removal cord outside your vagina when you inserted the tampon. The tampon remains inside your body, it cannot leave your vagina.

You cannot recover the lost tampon with your fingers--all you can do is push it deeper.

You need to go to the emergency room, where they have the instruments needed to recover the tampon. Do not leave the tampon where it is, do not put in another tampon on top of it. There is a significant risk of infection as the tampon remains in your vagina.