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Hi, i'm khryse, and my problem is for 3 years i haven't had sex with my x boyfriend, which means yes i was a virgin. ok March of 2008, i lost my virginity to him, but the thing is i didnt bleed. Now after 2 months or so i broke up with him. so now im dating my someone new. the weekend that just passed i had sex with him..and it was kind of rough. on my way home i started to feel pain and all of a sudden i started bleeding. now for about four days i've been bleeding. now im kind of nervous because i think that something wrong has happen to my insides..and telling my boyfriend he's very worried and afraid that something bad is happening. Can you tell me if something is wrong? Is this normal or abnormal..i need to know something? :'(


1) you has intercourse with boy #1, broke up with him and seeing boy#2 and had inercourse with him last weekend, and feel pain and bleeding after having rough sex with #2? do I have this correct? Is your boy #2 older then you by much? or have a large to very large penis?
below is a post from my blog on the vagina, read it a few times and see what you think of this; You are not on a period at this time?
With his large penis and being rough, where your vagina was not really ready for that type of penertraction, you were ripped inside and that what made the bleeding start, you should never ingage in that type of sex with any one, but now you did, you need to rest the inside of the vagina, and not have any activities that will stop the healing. this is normal to this type of sex, but not normal to someone who should be loving you, just not having sex with you. Have you tried a tampon? you should be wearing a pad. to see if you can repair the minor damages, take some pain meds, but not asprin, it thins the blood, take a very warm bath, the heat will sooth the pain and may help stop the bleeding. if you wear the tampon, take the bath and still bleeding on Friday, go to a family planning, free clinic or to your regular doctor, to have them stop the bleeding. and while you are there ask to be put on birth control pills, as you are a sexually active teen, and should be protected from getting pergnante.
hear from you if you have any more questions, and what you did to stop this minor problem.
There is a quiz on the following information next Wendesday 23 July 08 LOL

10 Things You Should Know About Your Vagina.

1. The vagina is a muscular “barrel” about 3-4 inches long, in its non-aroused state, lined with mucous membranes, similar to the lining of the mouth.

2. The vagina is angled upward at around a 65 degree angle, which very closely corresponds to the angle of the average erect penis.

3. The vagina isn’t a wide-open gaping hole. It’s a collapsed space that expands and contracts when excited or penetrated. When in a non-aroused and un-penetrated state, the walls of the vagina collapse against each other, sort of like a firehose.

4. The vaginal lining is pink and glistening and has folds, called rugae, which give the vagina a ribbed texture. These folds are much more pronounced in younger women and gradually disappear as a woman grows older.

5. The vagina stretches out when the lady gets excited. The cervix and uterus pull up and back, extending the vagina by about 1-3 inches. The back of the vagina balloons out to create more space.

6. 2/3 of the nerve endings in the vagina are located in the first 1/3 of the vagina.

7. The first 2 inches of the vagina are the tightest during intercourse, due to the vaginal swelling and engorgement of blood.

8. Vaginas of sexually mature women are elastic enough to accommodate nearly any sized penis.

9. Around 1 in 5000 women is born with a disorder called vaginal agenesis, in which they are born without a vagina, in spite of the presence of external genitalia, such as labia and a clitoris.

10. Shortly after stimulation, the vagina begins to lubricate, forming what looks like beads of sweat all over the vaginal walls.

A) Get yourself a large mirror and lock you bedroom door, remove all your clothes and take a good look at yourself, your total body your breasts and vagina areas - notice the vagina parts move them around and the feelings as you touch them, This is a good idea to do every four to six months, to note the changes and write them down. - Hair growth, Color changes, Size and anything else you did not see the last time.

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