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If I took plan B and got pregnant anyway, will it affect my implantation bleeding?
I had unprotected sex from dec 9-12. I took an ovulation test on dec 10 and it came out positive which means i would ovulate around dec 11. However, I took Plan B in the evening of Dec 12. Then had unprotected sex again on Dec 14.
started bleeding on Dec 26. For a day, it seemed like my period but then it eventually became very light spotting. My period usually lasts 4 days but this time lasted a total of 2 days. I know Plan B messes up your cycle. But since I took Plan B more than 72 hours after the first incident of unprotected sex and had sex again after taking plan b, could I be pregnant? I havent had any pregnancy symptoms maybe cause it's only been 2 weeks. If it's possible to get pregnant even if you took the morning after pill, does it affect your implantation bleeding?

If Plan B prevents ovulation, what happens to your egg after Plan B wears off? Does it die or do you still ovulate?
Spare me the lectures please. Thanks.


I'm curious about the answer that was provided to you. I don't see one. I'm in THE eact situation you described. I had sex, condom slipped off. Took plan b 5hrs later. Had unprotected sex 36hrs after taking plan b, he came inside. (this was on my 7th day of my cycle, highest point of fertility within my 21 day cycle) can I ask ur outcome? I see this was a couple yrs ago. I'm hoping this reaches you. Help please? :)