hi I need help figuring this out..ok I dont know where to start so Im going to give as much information as possible so that you can answer me.....ok...I have PCOS..im 25...I am on medication and last month was my last doc visit and he said Im so fine that he assured me I can get preggers very fast. Ok ....I started TTC this month my last period was on Dec 12 ...according to ovulation calendar Ovulation occurs after days 12-18 in most women. ok meaning I ovulated on Dec 25...ok..yesterday Dec 27 at about 6PM I went to the bathroom and when I wiped i found pink watery spotting lets call it. ok I was excited because I read about implantation bleeding or maybe ovulation..I read that many women bleed a little when they ovulate..ok ...so I told my husband ok if its implantation bleeding thats great but if its ovulation bleeding even if we have been having intercourse all week long I said just in case its ovulation lets try it but I asked him not to penetrate too deep..so we had "light" sex..well I got the "baby juice".......ok this morning I woke up to find more bleeding not bright red..but not as pink as yesterday just dark red almost brown....I do have cramps..I have never had a mid cycle period EVER!!!!! I have been pregnant before I have a 3 yr old and a miscarriage under my belt.......what can this bleeding mean?..What is implantation bleeding like???? how long does it last usually and is it accompanied by light cramping???.....so to wrap this all up.......is it ok to bleed 2-3 dpo (days post ovulation) oh I have to add I have felt nausea...and I dont' know I do have a child but it was all so new to me when I had him I don't really remember what I felt. please help. I hope I gave enough info.
Please I'm desperate to know. :-(