Thus far, this year I have had only one (1) cortisone shot. I had 2 shots last year. However, I went to the doctor for a check up and noticed that I had gained some weight. Anyway, I immediately began a diet regimen. Also, I am exercising more. So, I am hoping to lose this weight. I think i may have gained a total of 8 pounds and this is a lot for a person who was already somewhat over weight. I do not want anymore shots, all I want to do is possibly have the surgery now because I am weight conscious and I want to look my best at all times. I think possibly, the cortisone shot made me eat more. I actually was having a huge appetite after I had the shot. Anyway, I am so glad that my doctor advised me to lose some weight. I won't take another shot. But, I will definitely watch what I eat and just do my best to get this weight off ASAP. ;-)