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Motivation is essential to lose weight. The success of any task depends upon a number of facts, but if one has to point out the most important and decisive of these facts, then it is definitely going to be motivation.

Why is motivation essential to lose weight?

The strength of motivation is a key force which helps us to overcome the various obstacles in our path and reach our goal successfully. It is a fact that although it is very easy to long for that perfect figure, it is extremely difficult to pull up our socks and stick to a slimming regimen rigorously. It is easier to work towards a goal where the result is obtained early. But losing weight is an arduous process where you have to cut down on your favorite snacks and exercise regularly for a long period of time. The results of your efforts are not reflected on the weighing scale fast enough to make you happy. It is only the level of your motivation that keeps you going. The motivation to lose weight makes you get up and exercise and to stick to a healthy, low fat diet. The initial few kilos are easy to shed. However, as the slimming regimen progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain a steady fall in the person’s weight. It is at this point that the motivation to lose weight plays a major role. And to remain motivated, you have to focus on all the benefits you get by losing weight. Let us discuss a few reasons to motivate ourselves to lose weight.

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Increased self confidence It has been noted that most of the people who are obese have a low self esteem. They are very conscious of their weight and appearance and tend to avoid any activity which will make them stand out. Losing weight helps a lot in bolstering the battered ego of such persons and an increased self confidence. It gives them a confidence in themselves and their abilities. They feel that when they could achieve a difficult task like shedding those extra kilos, then no other task can be difficult for them. This increased self confidence reflects in all aspects of their lives. Their social life improves as they become confident of their appearance; they develop a happy persona; and are ready to put in more work to succeed in the various jobs they undertake. They communicate with others confidently and are no longer embarrassed to go shopping for clothes. They can wear the clothes they always longed for but did not dare to try earlier. This increased self confidence is directly proportional to one’s happiness and can be a big motivation to lose weight.

A happy mental state

A happy mental state can be achieved by taking a healthy diet and losing extra weight. The food that we eat has a lot of bearing on our mood as well. Eating food which has high sugar content can lead to mood swings which are dependant on varying blood sugar levels. A food rich in fats can leave us feeling very heavy and our mood irritable. A healthy diet can elevate our mood and make us happy. As we lose weight, our self esteem improves and it has a direct influence on our happiness. Being no longer obese means that we can take part in all the activities that we love, wear all the clothes we want, and freely communicate our viewpoint without getting embarrassed about our weight. We may even get compliments for our new look. This results in a happy mental state and a positive attitude towards life. It can be a motivation to lose weight for people who have given up on shedding those extra kilos and have resigned to their fate.

Improved relationship with family members and friends

Being fit can lead to improved relationship with family and friends. Losing weight means you can take part in all those activities which you avoided earlier because your weight did not permit them or you were embarrassed of awkward situations arising because of your weight. Simple activities like running or outdoor games are so much more fun when done along with your near and dear ones. You may have avoided them earlier but after losing the excess weight, you may accompany your family in all the activities. This in turn, brings you closer to them, helps in a better bonding and results in improved relationship with family and friends. You also become a role model for them and they are proud of the fact that you could lose weight with your efforts. You may even become a source of motivation for them to lose weight as well.

Improved quality of life

Leading an improved quality of life can motivate many people to lose weight. Our weight affects all the aspects of our lives. Be it our performance at work, our family life, our social life or our outlook towards life, our weight has a bearing on all of them. How often have we felt sidelined at our workplace or felt insecure that an attractive colleague may be favored for promotion despite being less competent? How often have we avoided making a point in public with a fear of attracting unwanted attention towards our weight? How often have we wanted to take part in some sport activity but stopped ourselves lest we make a spectacle of ourselves in front of others? How often have we been told that the store does not keep our size of the favorite dress we always wanted to wear? Ever thought life would be even more beautiful if we lost some weight? Just thinking about how the quality of our life will improve can be a big motivation to lose weight.

The reason to be motivated to lose weight may vary from person to person. No matter what your reason is, it is essential to remain motivated, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Motivation is important to keep you going without losing steam midway and helps you to stay focused until you have achieved your desired weight.