Spurs are seen lining the margins of the cervical vertebral bodies and to a lesser extent along the endplates of some of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

There is narrowing of the disc space at the level of c5-c6.

The rest ob the vertebral bodies, othet intervertebral disc spaces and posterior elements are intact. The vertebral bodies are in normal alignment.  There is no evidence of spondylolisthesis, dislocatipn or abnormal bone reaction.

The cervical lordosis is straightened. The normal thoracic kyphosis is maintained. 

An artifact is seen overlying the right clavicle/upper lung field (as dellneated only the AP view of the thoracic spine).

Please help me interpret this x-ray result, i'm suffering my neck, shoulder , upper right back pains...

Thank you very much for your kind consideration....