I have pain in my upper back, neck, left arm and numbness in my left hand fingers. I injured myself in late September, and had an MRI in early December. I have been going to a Physiotherapist since September and also to a RMT  since then. I was getting less pain in the neck and back recently, but the triceps in my left arm are weak and the numbness in my fingers have not disappeared at all. Recenly I sneezed and the pain came back to my neck and back as well as the other conditions.

Here are the results of my MRI. Left sided radiculopathy


A mild dextroconvex scoliosis is noted. The alignment is otherwise normal. The disc heights are well maintained. The vertebral canal is average in calibre. The bone marrow signal is age appropriate. The cervical cord is normal in size and returns normal signal as well.

C2-C3, C3-C4: Normal

C4-C5: A minimal broad based disc/osteophyte has a slight central accentuation as well. These mildly efface the thecal sac and may be producing minimal foraminal stenosis bilaterally. The facet joints are normal.

C5-C6: Amild right paracentral 7mm wide X 2mm anterior to posterior disc/osteophyte indents the thecal sac but otherwise the disc is normal and there is no sign of nerve root or thecal sac compression. The foramina are patent.

C6-C7: A 14mm wide X 5mm from anterior to posterior left sided lateral disc/osteophyte compresses the left anterolateral thecal sac, causes moderate left foraminal stenosis, mildly compresses the left C8 nerve root and mildly distorts the thecal sac.

C7-T1: Normal

T1-T2: Normal

Assessment: The dominant feature would appear to be the presence of a left sided lateral disc/osteophyte at C6-C7 affecting the left C8 nerve root.

Please let me know if someone has any suggestions on alleviating this problem Thank you in advance for your help.