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I am confused by the contradictions between specialists opinions:

1: Surgery.  Condition to be severe, and your spinal cord will be injured if you do not undergo treatment as soon as possible.  The recommended surgical treatment utilizes the anterior cervical approach, at C3-C4 and C4-C5 levels with complete decompression and fusion, using peek cages and anterior plating system. 

The surgical procedure will include implantation of autologous centrifuged bone marrow stem cells to further enhance the fusion process.  Decreasing the motion at a painful motion segment should decrease the pain at that segment. Achieving the fusion also serves to maintain adequate space for the decompressed spinal cord and/or nerve roots.

For the level C5-C6 the proposed procedure is a Total Disc Replacement (TDR), which is an anterior cervical disc replacement with artificial disc that mimics the normal motion of the intervertebral disc.

2:  Scans clearly show a multi-level degenerative problem which only has two options for treatment, surgical reconstruction or conservative measures. All other things being equal and assuming there is no other reason not to offer surgery I would perform fusions from C4/5 to C6/7 (ACDF) and Cervical TDR at C3/4.

The results from 4 level reconstructions are AVERAGE no matter what anyone else tells you. It is vital you understand this. The commonest result from this kind of surgery is relief of arm pain (radiculopathy) and some relief from neck pain.

3:  Undertake physiotherapy for next 6 months, do nothing surgically but review March 2013.

Avoid looking up and any heavy lifting.

Radiologist's report on MRI - CERVICAL SPINE:

Clinical indications:  Degenerative disc disease narrowing on cervical x-ray.  Sensory symptoms. Hands bilaterally.  Decreased range of movement and pain cervical spine right and left shoulders.  ? nerve impingement.


There is a reduced cervical lordosis and moderate to severe multilevel disc degeneration with marked narrowing of the C5/6 intervertebral disc and desiccation of the intervertebral discs at all levels. There is a moderate to severe C3/4 and mild to moderate C4/5 central canal stenosis. Cranio-Cervical Junction:   Normal.

C2/3: Disc desiccation with central high signal in the disc ? calcification.  No discrete disc protrusion seen.  Left sided facet joint OA change.

C3/4: Mild loss of disc height with desiccation of the intervertebral disc, There is a broad based posterior and left paracentral disc osteophyte complex which is effacing the CSF anterior and posterior to the cord.  The cord is flattened and there is some intermediate signal demonstrated on the sagittal T2 weighted imaging consistent with mild myelomalacia (series 2, image 8).  There is bilateral foraminal narrowing due to neuro-central joint osteophytes worse on the left hand side.

C4/5: The disc is degenerate and desiccated. There is broad based posterior disc osteophyte complex resulting in a mild to moderate central canal stenosis effacing the CSF anterior to the cord.  A small amount of CSF remains posterior to the cord and no myelomalacia is seen at this level. There is bilateral foraminal narrowing due to neuro-central joint teophytes.

C5/6: Severe disc degeneration with near complete loss of disc height. Shallow posterior disc osteophyte complex causing a mild central canal stenosis.  There is left sided foraminal narrowing due to neuro-central joint osteophytes.

C6/7: The disc is degenerate.  No central canal stenosis is seen but there is

moderate to severe right foraminal stenosis and mild left foraminal stenosis due to neuro-central joint osteophytes.

C7/Tl:     Normal.

No pre-vertebral soft tissue swelling or compression fracture.


Multilevel disc degeneration and foraminal stenosis as described above. There is moderate to severe central canal stenosis at the, C3/4 level with abnormal increased inter-medullary signal consistent with myelomalacia but no syrinx seen. This is secondary to a hard disc osteophyte complex.  There is

moderate left foraminal stenosis due to neuro-central joint osteophytes at this level.

At the C4/5 1evel there is a mild to moderate central canal stenosis due to disc osteophyte complex and bilateral foraminal narrowing secondary to facet joint degeneration.


Any body have full body replacements as both hips, lumbar, both shoulders and neck are all injured.

Skin irritation and respiratory problems as well ...  Avoid airshows they are dangerous to your health



Dennis - do keep us updated.   I am 'possibly' facing this same operation - have yet to see consultant.  Have wretched neck problems, with an osteophyte jamming into my esophagus - causes intermittent dysphonia and dysphagia, apart from the pain and headaches and vascular problems of blood/oxygen supply to the optic nerve.  Sigh!   Will be very interesting to learn the outcome of yr next appointment.


Take care - Go well



Hi AutumnGold

I do not understand the medical terms, sorry.

I found a strong magnet and stuck it to the T Shirt tag with a washer, that was as high as I could get it, I wouldn't have cared if it showed - THE BIG DEAL FOR ME IS THAT IT REDUCED THE PAIN A LOT.

I also had magnets on both hips, lumbar, both shoulders - I found I was attracted to the car door and many other things  LOL.

I have seem more supposed specialists, so I have had more different opinions:

Neurosurgery 1 - non urgent come back in 18 months.

Neurosurgery 2 - I want another MRI 12 months after the first, see me in June.  Use your neck normally, keep using it!

I still have in the back of my mind the comment from an earlier neck clinic - surgery results are usually only average!

I repeat that my pain level reduced greatly with the magnets.  I left them on 24/7 for about 2 months.  I have had them off now for about a month, and the pain is still bearable.




Morning Dennis -
Osteophyte = Bony outgrowth. Can happen on spine, elbows, knees, ankles - et al.
Dysphonia = Loss of voice/vocal problems. Hoarse voice, etc etc
Dysphagia = Difficulty in swallowing. Choking on certain foods, choking on drinks.
Vascular problems = Vascular insufficieincy. Not working properly. vascular carries blood asnd with the blood oxygen and all the nutrients.

Poor vascular system leads to many complications. And if got no tension glaucoma (NTG) and then inexplicable optic nerve damage (peripheral vision will be compromised) then look to vascular problem. See if can be alleviated. I have NTG and severe retinal damage with very compromised peripheral vision. Bingo - vascular dysregulation!

Think we have a different problem. I have slippage of C2 under C3 (that is the cervicals, neck). Plus degenerative factors - crumbling.

Much pain. Unable to turn head, Fairly 'locked' but not fused. An op may help - got to go have a consultation. But not sure about the whole thing! These ops not always successful - can cause other and further problems. However, start with 'a' consultation and always take a second opinion.

As for the magnets. Possible. Mebbe better to try out a Rife machine - the German and Canadian models are considered the best. The USA built models not so good (just in case you want to check them out). I am looking to get a Rife machine. Rife is electrically charged system. Has many benefits.

OK. Have a good one -


Dennis - could also try sewing yr magnets into the back (and also possibly front of?) a soft neck brace collar. Depends on the magnets. Magnets not recommended if on blood thinners. Have a word with yr doctor before using. I am NOT a doctor.



I don't wear a neck brace & am not on blood thinners




what if you had a l1 compression fracture also


I had an accident in September, 2012.  I went to the ER and had an MRI done of my neck.  Found out I have some serious issues going on there that I did not know about.  I have had some pain off and on over the years but nothing really bad.  The doctors were amazed that I did not have more pain.  C2/C3 - posterior disc bulging,mild left foraminal narrowing.   C3/C4 - same as before.  C4/C5 - same



I would like to no what kind of magnet you used I have severe stenosis among other things in my neck really looking hard for some kind of help